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Appraisals can be customized based on its purpose.

Appraisers examine jewelry very carefully and can with proper tools and knowledge provide an appraisal which can reflect an item’s current market value which can be used to replace the item.

The appraisal can also be for insurance purposes in which case the appraiser must take care to detail the item very carefully so that it can be replaced with exactly the same item if it gets stolen or damaged.

Appraisals can also be used for liquidation purposes. These appraisals value the items based on current day values of precious metals, gems and workmanship. These appraisals reflect the liquidation value of the item and usually reflect the item’s wholesale value.

Appraisals that are to be used to document an item’s description and regular market value can be useful when including an item in a will or when gifting the item to a charity.